The second international online conference for football coaches

Oktober 6, 2022
Youth football
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September 30, 2021

of children's and youth football schools, amateur or professional clubs, leagues, federations
professional or amateur footballer who wants to become a coach in the future
of a sport university
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of a sport university
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sports psychologist, doctor, nutritionist or methodologist
Our mission is to provide unique knowledge and the best world practices at an affordable price for football coaches from all over the world.


The speakers list is updating.
Stay tuned!

Thursday, Oktober 6, 2022
Right now we are working on the program. Very soon we will introduce you to the content.
Stay with us!

Meanwhile, you can see the previous conference program at the link below.

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CoachConf Conference

Oktober 6, 2022

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Oktober 6, 2022

  • Access to the online broadcast on Oktober 6, 2022
  • Opportunity to ask questions to the speakers
  • Access to the broadcast participants chat
  • Video recordings of the broadcasts for 3 months
  • Participation certificate

CoachConf Conference

Oktober 6, 2022

+ CoachConf 2021 recordings

  • Access to the online broadcast on Oktober 6, 2022
  • Opportunity to ask questions to the speakers
  • Access to the broadcast participants chat
  • Video recordings of the broadcasts for 3 months
  • Participation certificate
  • Access to the video recordings and broadcast materials of the conference on September 30, 2021
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CoachConf videos

Oktober 6, 2022

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CoachConf videos

September 30, 2021

  • Video recordings of the conference on September 30, 2021
  • Access to the materials
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Speakers and program

Feedback from participants
Alexander Voitsekhovich
Zenit Academy "Admiralteisky" branch coach, U-8/U-6
I thank the organizers and all the people who organized this conference. The opportunity to be a part of the global football community, to talk about current issues, innovations and football trends is priceless. This event allows you to evaluate and bring into question your own attitudes, analyze yourself and your approach, share your opinion with colleagues, argue your position. gives you the opportunity to plunge into the world of football not in words, but in deeds. We are waiting for 2.0. Who knows, maybe this conference will bring us top coaches and the platform will shift into offline, on the fields and in the conference hall.
Dmitry Litvinov
Football coach, Moscow

I am very grateful to the team for organizing such an awesome event. You do a lot for football in our country. All the speakers brought us (coaches) a huge boost of energy and motivation to achieve our goals.
With their thoughts and knowledge, they opened up the opportunity for us to grow further, to learn, not to be afraid of making mistakes.
Svyatoslav Lepeshko
Football coach, UEFA "C" license

The conference was held at a high level.
There was a lot of useful information for me. I gained new knowledge in coaching.
And I would also like the speakers to have more time to fully cover their topic, because when the speaker started to disclose the issue deeper, the time of the speech ended.
I am looking forward to the next conference.

Pavel Zhigulskikh
football coach
Licenses "C", "E"

I am so grateful for the organizers and speakers of the conference!
There were very lively and interesting presentations. All the speakers are experts in their field, willing to share their experience and vision of current trends in the young football players training with their colleagues.
The online format also made it possible to invite foreign colleagues, and learn a lot of new and progressive approaches to training and development of the young talents!
I will definitely look forward to the next conference!

Alexander Karnaukhov
Professional football player
The children's football school "Cobart" coach, Taganrog
Founder of the "A. Karnaukhov’s Goalkeepers Academy"
I would like to thank you for organizing such a large-scale and exciting conference. It was very interesting to listen to the European colleagues and the new generation of progressive coaches and compare it with what I had encountered while playing as a professional. It's nice to learn when you can ask any questions, even the most uncomfortable ones, and listen to real answers with examples. A very cool conference and I will definitely be glad to take part in it again and draw new knowledge.
Andrey Panyushkin
Football player, coach

I enjoyed the conference immensely.
What’s more - I got the most important thing - new knowledge from great speakers👍💪 Thank you for the conference!
LIVE-broadcasting provided by a large technical team with professional equipment
Networking opportunity on the platform
Access to the speeches after the conference ends
What is is a series of international online conferences for football coaches of all skill levels. Organized by experts, aimed at building a strong football coaching community, sharing knowledge and ideas.
Our audience is the Russian and English speaking football community around the world.
The conference program includes from 10 to 20 online presentations from the industry experts. The first conference took place on September 30, 2021.
What is 2022?
Several conferences will be held in 2022. The first one will be held on Oktober 6, 2022 and will be dedicated to the youth football.
Who is for?
Our conferences will be interesting for coaches, football players, students, teachers, athletes’ parents, sports clubs and football schools owners, psychologists, all those who want to develop their skills and competencies in the game, who want to be a part of a large friendly coaching community.
How are the speakers’ performances held?
The presentations take place in real time on a specialized digital platform. A few days before the event, you will receive an email with login information to the email address you provided when paying for participation.
What language is the broadcast in?
The broadcast will be held in two languages: Russian and English. Within the framework of the conference, professional simultaneous translation will be organized, and you will be able to choose the language of broadcast in the personal account on the platform.
How long will I have access to the materials?
Access to the materials will be maintained for three months from the date of the event.
Do you issue a certificate?
Yes, at the end of the conference, each participant will receive a personalized electronic certificate of participation.
The certificate will be received by everyone who purchased a ticket "Conference 2022", "Conference 2022. Profitably together" and "Conference 2022+ video recordings of CoachConf 2021".
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